A dental mouthguard is a custom-made appliance. It provides a protective cover which fits exactly over your teeth and gums to cushion and protect your teeth, gums and jaw from damage.
It is advisable to wear a professionally made mouthguard especially if you play contact sports because an impact can cause bone damage, or a direct hit can shatter or chip a tooth.

A mouthguard can also be custom made to wear at night if you are susceptible to clenching or grinding your teeth (bruxism). It will not cure your bruxism, but provide relief from the pressure and sound by acting as a barrier between your bottom and top teeth. The soft material means that it reduces wear on your teeth.

What colour will my mouthguard be?

Your mouthguard can be made from see-through plastic, so that it is near invisible, or you can have it made in a colour of your choice. Sometimes sports teams have their mouthguards created in team colours.

Maintaining your mouthguard

  • Brush your mouthguard after every use with a separate soft toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Keep it in its protective case when not in use
  • Keep it out of very hot water and the sun – these will cause it to melt and deform.
  • Replace your mouthguard regularly for good hygiene and update it as your teeth naturally change and move.

On average a mouthguard will last around six months to a year. If your teeth are still moving or coming through, then it is important to get your mouthguard replaced more regularly to ensure that it fits correctly.

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