Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics, also called as root canal treatment, it involves removing diseased pulp to preserve tooth. This is required when the pulp (blood and nerve supply of the tooth) is infected through decay or injury. The first sign of a nerve problem is usually an increased sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet things. As a nerve is irritated further it swells resulting in increased throbbing, pain and inflammation under the tooth. If left untreated, a painful infection or abscess can form and the tooth may need to be removed.

During root canal treatment, the root canal is thoroughly cleaned and then sealed off to protect it. This process can take place over one or more visits. Later the tooth may need a crown to offer more strength and support.

If you don’t have a root filling, the alternative is usually to have the tooth extracted, because once the pulp is diseased, it cannot heal and it is not wise to leave an infected tooth in the mouth.

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